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Storm Season is Here!

Power is unpredictable! While unexpected power surges and outages during storm season are terrific for our emergency service business, we would prefer to see our clients protected! It is a well-known fact that electrical storms and power outages can damage electronic devices, including your computer. Unexpected shutdowns can cause havoc. Your system is complex and typically goes through an exact shutdown sequence. Sudden losses of power interrupt this shutdown process and often leaves your system inoperable. Additionally, system files can become corrupted, which in turn affects your boot up process.

What can you do to protect yourself?

Of course, unplugging your machine during a storm is the best solution. Recognizing this is not always an option, consider purchasing an uninterruptible power supply. These big, black, magical boxes will continue to provide power to your computer during an outage. Most UPS devices will provide “juice” for a few minutes, ample time for you to properly shut down.

We recommend either APC or CyberPower for your UPS needs. Not sure the best fit for you? Give us a call; we will review your office setup and make recommendations to best match your needs.


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