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It's a Good Story

Since the beginning of time, humans have used stories to communicate. Digital storytelling is a trending and unquestionably powerful marketing tool. During client consultations, we consistently stress the importance of storytelling to build brand recognition and audience. A wonderful tale is a unique and creative way to speak to customers on an emotional and personal level. A way to build trust. A way to build community. Who doesn’t enjoy an entertaining story?

In the spirit of “do as I say, not as I do” it seems timely to share our story. So, without further ado, I am thrilled to introduce you to Rob Weiss, RW Networks Inc. founder and chief tech nerd – the man, the myth, the legend.

On a blustery Regina spring day back in 1962, Rob entered the world. Scared you, didn’t I? Without diving deep into Rob’s childhood, I have opted to share one story that speaks to his tenacity, stubbornness, and determination. Like many kids, Rob visited the orthodontist and received the unfortunate news that he required braces. Insult to injury, Rob was prescribed an unsightly set of headgear. While a couple of hours a day was the ticket to beautiful teeth, Rob challenged the status quo, cranked up the headgear tighter than prescribed and wore the unsightly metal gadget at night for hours on end. Yes – he achieved results, a lesson hard earned, and I can vouch for his fine set of pearly whites.

It was that tenacity and work ethic that led to the creation of RW Networks Inc. in 2002. Always a free spirit, after a long and successful stint at Solunet Inc., Intergraph Systems and Motorola, Rob wanted to do his “own thing.” Recognizing that tech gadgets emerging onto the market were advertised as “plug and play, or pray as the case may be,” most end users struggled to successfully network and launch their devices. Intrigued, Rob sought to learn more. With an extensive background in wired and wireless technologies, Rob was well equipped to address these consumer pain points.

The road wasn’t easy. Remember, Rob founded the company when “dial-up” was trending! However, without doubting his mission, he applied that “head-gear” determination to the problem at hand. Rob understood that one size does NOT fit all and worked to customize his service offering to each unique situation. Today, RW Networks Inc. has grown to serve over 500 amazing and loyal clients across a broad range of industries. I imagine Rob’s younger “head-gear” self would be proud.


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