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Sunsetting G+

Designed to compete with Facebook, Google+ first launched in June 2011. Users happily created profiles, built circles and joined communities. Chats, hangouts and huddles followed suit and the future looked bright. However, despite a strong start, user engagement waned and security concerns increased. Faced with a dwindling following and a variety of security breaches, Google made the decision to shut down, or “sunset” Google+.

Google+ Logo

Effective April 2, 2019, Google will begin deleting your content. Of course, the process of deleting photos and videos will not happen instantly and in fact, will likely take a few months. However, to be safe, we highly recommend setting aside time now to download and save important files. To begin:

  • Go to the Download Your Data Page and sign-in

  • Click Next

  • Choose a file type

  • Choose how you would prefer your data delivered (Downloadable link via email, added to your drive, added to Dropbox or added to Microsoft OneDrive)

  • Click Create Archive

For Google+ Pages content, be sure to login as the Google+ page.

Keep in mind, downloading your content, does not delete your Google+ profile. Visit this link to learn how to Delete your Google+ Profile.

Worried about losing precious photos? RW Networks Inc. is ready to assist. Book a Google+ support call today.


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