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Tech Addicted?

Worried about the amount of time you spend connected to your devices? You are not alone, and with iOS 12, Apple’s next gen operating system, the introduction of a feature called Screen Time, you will have the ability to monitor how much time you are spending on specific apps, as well as limit access for your kids.

Designed as a “well-being” feature, Screen Time is intended to well, protect you from yourself. Basically, the monitoring app will help you keep track of and control both device and app usage. On a daily or weekly basis, you can view a detailed activity report. Armed with information such as the number of notifications you received, the number of times your device was activated, etc., you will have the ability to configure time restrictions for specific websites, specific apps and particular categories of apps.

Furthermore, parents will be thrilled to learn that the scheduling feature means you will have the capability to completely block the young ones from using their device during specific time periods, think homework time and bedtime! Additionally, you will be able to limit usage to pre-approved devices, like the phone. These new and enhanced parental control options are welcomed by all who are parenting in the digital age. Of course, when it comes down to it, there isn’t an app on today’s market that substitutes for a great conversation and a good old-fashioned OFF switch.


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