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Technology and Aging in Place

“Aging in place.” I must confess, when I first heard the term I found it somewhat depressing. Maybe the connotation the as you age you can become stuck in place disturbed me. I don’t see myself willing to “age in place.” To my delight, the exact opposite is true! Aging in place simply means that as we age will be able to remain home by choice. Each and every year advances in “gero-technologies” ensure the health and safety of older adults is enhanced. These tech advances assist older adults in maintaining safety, independence, social connections – well, the list goes on.

From addressing hearing loss to improved accessibility several new gadgets and ideas targeted at our aging population were introduced at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (#CES2017). One that caught my fancy was the Smart Cane, the connected cane of the future.

Interested? Check out the the Dring Alert System and the Connected Cane.


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