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Nature Inspired

We are truly nature inspired! Don’t misunderstand. Technology is absolutely a passion and our primary work focus. However, when we aren’t plugged in, logged on and “geeking out” you will likely find us outside enjoying Mother Nature at her best. During one of our recent hikes to Landslide Lake in Strathcona Provincial Park, we took a well-earned break beside a cascading waterfall. As we sat there nibbling on our trail mix, we began to talk “shop” and philosophize.

Like a bolt of lightening it occurred to us. Technology has adopted, perhaps hijacked, a wide variety of words most commonly found in nature. Think about it:

  • Tweet

  • Cloud

  • Web

  • Stream

  • Net

  • Fibre

  • Bug

  • Virus

  • Spider

Not to mention APPLE!

We could ramble on, but I suspect you get the picture. Should this be cause for concern, especially when recent research indicates more and more children are becoming disconnected from the natural world?

We wonder, and fervently hope, that the next generation will find their way outside, engage all of their senses and listen to actual tweets, observe real clouds and enjoy magnificent, colourful wildflower displays best discovered in the upper alpine.

After all, Mother knows best! Cheers!

Rob Weiss and Jane Weiss drinking coffee while kayaking
RW Networks Unplugged


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