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Telecommuting is good for you, your team and your bottom line

Without question, one of the most significant trends we are witnessing amongst our clients is the growth of telecommuting. According to a recent article by Niraj Chokshi, in the New York Times, 43% of employed Americans indicated they spent at least some time working remotely, and Canadian stats are in line with this number. Who is driving the change and who benefits? Indeed, employees are challenging the traditional work structure and are seeking more flexibility and work from home opportunities. Driven by millennials who are reimaging how and where we work, the future of telecommuting looks bright! Granted, employees report increased work satisfaction and improved work-life balance, but do employers benefit?

The answer is a resounding YES!

Employers report numerous unexpected benefits such as:

Increased Productivity

  • Without the distractions inherent in a traditional office setting, remote workers have been shown to be 20-25 percent more productive than their office counterparts. Watercooler gossiping becomes a thing of the past.

Health and Environmental Benefits

  • Goodbye, long commutes – a remote workforce is a Go Green workforce, not to mention the stress of a long, traffic congested commute is a thing of the past!

Improved Employee Satisfaction and reduced turnover

  • Statistics show that flex and remote workers are more satisfied, and therefore less likely to leave

Cost Effectiveness

  • Companies are saving money on the purchase or lease of vast office spaces. Reduced absenteeism also adds to the bottom line, not to mention time spent on wasted meetings.

Traditional barriers to telecommuting are dramatically reduced as technology continues to evolve. Ever improving cloud-based productivity and collaboration platforms enable communication amongst your staff, and that is good for your team and your bottom line!

Interested in learning more about cloud-based options for your business?

Contact us – we can help you embrace the remote working lifestyle.


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