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You're invited to the Great Telus Email Migration!

Are you currently using a Telus email account? If so, pay close attention to your inbox for an invitation from Telus to join the Great Google Migration. This summer, in a phased approach, Telus will be transitioning ALL Telus email accounts to what they are referring to as “Telus powered by Google.” Basically, this means the handling of email will be outsourced to Google’s GSuite platform.

Although you will keep your Telus email addresses, you will notice some changes including:

  • A single login for your account.

  • New site to access your email –

  • Recommendations to download the Gmail app to access your email from your mobile devices

Note that email accounts, emails, contact and calendar events will all migrate. However, filter settings and email forwarding rules will not. You will need to reconfigure these after the migration.

Benefits of the new email experience:

  • Tripled storage space from 5GB to 15GB

  • Improved Calendar sharing

  • Ability to check email from any device

  • Upgraded reliability and security

Telus has created a Migration Day Checklist to assist you with the transition. Before proceeding ensure you have a local backup and consider archiving older email.

Questions? We are here to support you during the migration should you need a little extra tech advice. Help is just a click away.


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