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The Power of an Internet Minute

With a large portion of the workforce transitioning to “untraditional” workspaces like home offices, productivity has become a trending topic at the virtual water cooler. It left us asking the question, what exactly can you accomplish in a minute?

Thanks to our friends at DOMO and the 2020 version of Data Never Sleeps, we have learned that in terms of data – an awful lot can be achieved in a single, solitary minute. Check out this infographic, regarding the latest stats on how data is being created in every single, solitary digital minute.

Every Minute of the Day - presented by DOMO

Just imagine – every minute – every day:

  • Facebook users upload 147,000 photos – every minute – every day

  • WhatsApp shares 41,666,667 messages – every minute – every day

  • Amazon ships 6,659 packages – every minute – every day

  • Consumers spend $1,000,000 online – every minute – every day

Mind boggling numbers! This revealing look at online user behaviour emphasizes how COVID-19 has impacted our lives. We have suddenly become reliant on services that allow us to work, learn and play from home. Clearly, we have become dependent on a wide variety of apps as our day to day world has become more digital. We have flocked to Zoom to video chat and socialize, Amazon to shop and Netflix to entertain. Will these trends be here to stay? With 4.2 billion people worldwide active on mobile and 3.8 billion people active on social media, our guess is YES – “digital” may be the core of our “new normal”. We’re just not sure the new normal is the best normal. Maybe, it’s time to log off and carve a pumpkin....after all there are only a few minutes left before Halloween.


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