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Travelling? Don’t let data roaming ruin your Vacay!

We’ve all done it. Left home, full of excitement, anticipating the dream vacation of a lifetime only to return home and suffer from a severe case of bill shock. If you are using your Canadian smartphone, mobile device or computer in another country you should be aware of exceptionally high international data roaming fees.

How can you avoid bill shock?

  • Read the fine print – understand precisely what your Canadian cellphone provider charges for international roaming.

  • Ask about travel packages – some providers offer a bundle of minutes and megabytes for a fixed price.

  • Enable airplane mode – when airplane mode is on, both your voice and data services are turned off. Additionally, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and other location services are off.

  • Switch to a foreign SIM card. Double check that your device can be unlocked from its home network.

  • Take advantage of Wi-Fi hotspots.

  • Turn off updates.

  • Navigate offline – save offline Google maps of the area you are exploring.

  • Switch to Chrome – this browser automatically reduces up to 50% of the page size.

  • Be prepared – download your videos, music and eBooks before leaving home.

Of course, when all else fails or perhaps as a first choice follow the RW Networks 3 step plan for reducing your data roaming charges:

Step One: O

Step Two: F

Step Three: F

Yep, as Shell Busey would say, “it’s just that easy.” Challenge yourself to turn your devices OFF and enjoy the moment, better yet leave the smartphone at home! Happy travels!


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