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Up a Creek Without a Paddle?

In today’s supercharged, highly connected world the new mantra might read, out of battery without a charger?

Throughout our recent cycling vacation, as our camera batteries ran low, we became active participants in this modern day quest for “fire!” During frequent encounters with other touring cyclists, we happily engaged in the typical conversation, usually centred around food, weather (particularly wind) and hills, and then inevitably our discussions would turn to wifi and power. Fascinated, we probed our comrades on wheels as to their power needs.

Solutions were plentiful and wide ranging, from charge while you ride technology to portable solar chargers. Intrigued, we have decided to test the Instapark 10 Watt Solar Panel Portable Solar Charger with Dual USB Ports for iPhone, iPad & all other USB Compatible Devices. Designed for backpacking, wilderness travel and emergency preparedness, and weighing only one pound, the device promises 100% green energy with a zero carbon footprint.

Of course, to truly test its reliability and ruggedness, it may be time to plan our next cycle tour! Stay tuned.


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