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What Does Your Home Screen Say About You?

Have you ever wondered what your home screen reveals about your personality? Like it or not, your smartphone is far more than just a device; it’s a reflection of who you are and how you live your life. Whether you’re a minimalist, a maximalist, or somewhere in between, your home screen may provide insights to your preferences, habits, and goals.

Let’s dive in and explore a few common types of home screen layouts and discuss what they may reveal about you. Of course, these are not definitive or exhaustive categories, but rather general tendencies that you may relate to.

image of a smartphone homescreen with the rw networks logo in the upper right hand corner

The Organizer

If your home screen is neatly arranged into folders, color-coded, or alphabetized, you’re probably an organizer. You likely strive to have everything in order and structure your life around plans and routines. You’re pragmatic, efficient, and detail-oriented. You value clarity, consistency, and control.

You are probably strong at managing your time, prioritizing your tasks, and achieving your goals. However, you may struggle with spontaneity, flexibility, and uncertainty. You may also tend to be a perfectionist.

To balance your home screen style, consider adding elements of creativity, silliness, or randomness to your phone. For example, you could use a dynamic wallpaper that changes with the time of day, the weather, or your mood. You could also try to leave space for new apps that you discover or experiment with different layouts and themes.

The Creative

If your home screen is customized with your own app icons, widgets, or wallpapers, you’re probably a creative soul. You enjoy expressing yourself through your phone. In fact, your smartphone may be a reflection of your aesthetic, interests, and values. You’re open-minded, innovative, original and you tend to value beauty, diversity, and authenticity.

We might assume you’re known for thinking outside the box, finding inspiration, and making connections. However, you may struggle with organization, focus, and practicality. You may also tend to be impulsive, emotional, and idealistic.

Consider adding a few elements of order, simplicity, or functionality to your phone. For example, you could use a minimalist wallpaper that reduces visual clutter and enhances readability. Try to group your apps into categories or use a launcher app that helps you access your apps faster and easier.

The Minimalist

If your home screen is sparse, clean, or empty, you’re probably a minimalist. You keep your phone as simple and clutter-free as possible. You’re selective, intentional, and mindful. You value quality, efficiency, and peace.

Eliminating distractions, focusing on what matters, and living in the present are your strengths! Variety, excitement, and exploration may be challenging for you. Consider adding elements of color, texture, or personality to your phone. For example, you could use a wallpaper that features a pattern, a gradient, or a quote that inspires you. You could also try to add apps such as games, podcasts, or social media.

The Maximalist

If your home screen is crowded, colorful, or chaotic, you’re probably a maximalist. Your phone is full with as many apps, widgets, and notifications as possible. You’re adventurous, curious, and energetic. Variety, stimulation, and action is your thing.

Maximalists are skilled at exploring new possibilities, embracing diversity, and having fun, however, they may struggle with prioritization, organization, and relaxation. Additionally, maximalists may also tend to be restless, distracted, and overwhelmed.

Elements of space, balance, or harmony are terrific additions for your phone. For example, use a wallpaper that features a solid color, a gradient, or a calming image. Consider deleting apps that you don’t use, turn off notifications that you don’t need, or use a do-not-disturb mode that helps you unwind.

The Hold Out

Last, but not least, you may be a hold out, which begs the question - what does your landline and fax machine say about you?

Do you need support with your apps, wallpapers and widgets? Help is just a click away!


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