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Will Amazon Key put Santa's Helpers Out of Work?

Yesterday, Amazon, one of the world’s largest e-commerce companies, announced a new shipping service. The program, called Amazon Key enables customers to receive their packages in their homes. Scheduled to launch in 37 US cities, it promises to bring a whole new meaning to home delivery.

How does it work? Simple.

All you require is the Amazon Prime membership, a smart door lock, a Cloud Cam security camera and the revolutionary Key app. On delivery day, a uniformed Amazon delivery driver arrives at your home, scans your package and promptly uses the Amazon Delivery app to open your door. Package inside, the delivery driver completes the delivery by using the app to lock the door. You, as a valued customer, will then receive a notification on your smart phone that your package has arrived. Of course, you can also access your Cloud Cam video for peace of mind to watch the delivery in real time.

Of course, nothing beats a chimney and a jolly fella in a red suit, but for those who have had packages stolen from their doorstep maybe Amazon Key is on their holiday wish list.


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