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Will Windows 11 Work on My PC?

The rumours are true! Windows 11, the first new version of Microsoft’s desktop operating system is here!

microsoft windows 11 graphic

The redesigned, refreshed look features:

  • Rejuvenated Start Menu

  • New docking experience

  • Integrated Microsoft Teams video chat

  • Microsoft Store loaded with widgets and apps, including easily downloadable Android apps

  • Enhanced graphic capabilities aimed at taking gaming to new heights

  • Virtual desktops to help you separate work, school, gaming and your personal life

  • Snap layouts designed to help you organize open windows

… and penny pinchers will be thrilled to learn that Windows 11 is being offered as a free upgrade this fall. The catch? Before you hit the install button, confirm you meet the minimum system requirements and are currently running Windows 10.

Wondering if your PC is compatible? Microsoft is ready to answer your questions! Use the PC Health Check app to verify your PC can run Windows 11.

Ready to do a deep dive into system requirements and detailed information on how PCs might be able to update or change settings in order to meet the requirements? Visit Microsoft Support. Of course, if the support site leaves you feeling confused, give us a call. The RW Networks Inc. tech team is ready to answer your questions, and no need to worry, Microsoft will continue to support Windows 10 through October 2025.


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