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Meet Maggie

This past holiday season, video images of porch bandits went viral across mainstream news outlets and almost all social media channels. No matter where you looked, images of unsavoury characters, known as porch bandits were common. These modern-day villains literally stalked FedEx, UPS and Canada Post delivery vans. Unobserved, these rascals, brazenly made their way up onto porches and stole Christmas packages and gifts galore. Dastardly indeed!

Determined to stop this crime wave in its tracks, regular, hardworking, law abiding folk resorted to leaving poop packages and glitter bombs as bait, and perhaps a bit of vindictive revenge? Naturally, at RW Networks Inc., our Tech Team took a more, shall we say sophisticated approach to combating evil. We installed a motion sensing camera.

TrendNet Indoor / Outdoor 1.3 MP HD WiFi IR Network Camera

Evolving smart home technology has led to huge advances in wireless security cameras. With affordable entry price points these, devices are becoming the front-line in home security. Of course, one of the many benefits of using a wireless camera is the flexibility of installation, meaning no cables required! Like their traditional wired cousin, the new cameras are loaded with features including HD resolution, infrared night vision and motion detection. Alerts can be forwarded to your smartphone and/or email meaning real time reporting of any and all front porch activity.

Convinced we had a solution to the porch bandit problem and armed with a detailed “spec sheet” we purchased our motion sensing security camera and happily installed it on our front porch. We were primed and ready to commence the testing phase. Fortunately, we live in a low crime area, so we weren’t anticipating much activity. Unfortunately, we were proven wrong! Through both dawn and dusk hours are newly installed camera worked over-time. Overwhelmed with megabits of digital evidence, we caught our thief! We are thrilled to introduce you to our favourite porch bandit and newest family member. Please meet Maggie.

Maggie - the RW Networks Inc. Porch Bandit


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