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Happy World Backup Day

Although you aren’t likely booking a corner table at your favourite restaurant in celebration, it is timely to consider how digitized our world has become. On a daily basis we use digital tools to communicate, to share data and to store our most precious memories. Unfortunately our digital life comes with risk. Just imagine losing all of your photos, videos, critical files and e-books during a power surge, equipment breakdown or natural disaster. Preparing yourself against data loss and data theft just makes sense.

There are a variety of ways to secure your data. Here are a few solutions we recommend:

External Hard Drives

Trusted and popular, an external hard drive or Solid State Drive (SSD) continue to be viable data backup solutions. Remember safe storage of the external drive is extremely important. Ideally, your backup should be located in a different location to your computer.

Cloud Backup / Online Backup Service

An alternative to physical data storage, keeping your data in the cloud is a recommended option. There are several companies currently offering cloud storage, often with a few GB of free space. We generally recommend Microsoft’s One Drive, Apple’s iCloud and Google Cloud.

USB Stick / Flash Drive

Ideal for users who may not have a lot of files, inexpensive USB thumb drives do the trick

Frankly, it doesn't matter how you backup your files, the key factor is to actually run frequent backups. Unsure which solution is best for you? We are happy to review your storage needs and make a recommendation.


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