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World Password Day

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we must ask again, is your password strong enough? Today is World Password Day – yes, there is a day for that! While you may not be planning a celebration or vacation to commemorate the event, it is timely to take stock of your accounts and their passwords. According to recent research by Avast Antivirus, a leading internet security application developer, 25% of connected users around the world have never changed their passwords. Additionally, they report that many people adopt weak passwords that are simple to crack. Are you guilty of password neglect?

Without question using a weak password or using the same password across multiple accounts makes you easy prey for evil hackers. Once they determine your password, they can access your personal data, bank accounts, email, social media accounts and watch Game of Thrones via your HBO account.

What is considered a weak password you ask? Anything obvious such as your phone number, the dog’s name, your date of birth etc. is considered a weak password. Anything predictable will also put you at risk, like hiding your house key under the front door mat. Common, easy to hack passwords may have these traits:

  • Repeating previously used passwords

  • Names of close family and friends

  • Your own name

  • Words in the dictionary

  • Common names

  • Repeating your log in code

  • Keyboard patterns and swipes

We know what you are thinking! Who has the time to create unique, strong passwords for every single online account? Don’t fear! By utilizing a password manager, you can take the work out of cybersecurity. After months of trials, we highly recommend LastPass. In a nutshell, LastPass remembers all your passwords, so you don’t need to. Simply log into an online account for the first time and LastPass will store your username and password so every time you go back, your credentials will be filled in automatically. With packages for both personal and business clients, LastPass works to safeguard your data, and as an added bonus everything you save in LastPass is synced automatically enabling you to access accounts on any device.

Of course, if password managers aren’t of interest, be sure to follow best practices when creating your passwords:

  • Use at least 16 or more characters

  • Use numbers, special characters, uppercase and lowercase letters

  • Avoid your dog’s name, words related to yourself or words related to your business

  • Keep records (on paper if you need to) of websites, userIDs, passwords, dates of last change

Ready to trial a Password Manager? Call RW Networks Inc. to implement LastPass.


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