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7 Quick Tips about BC Ferries Wifi

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Ahoy! Serving both the Comox Valley and the Lower Mainland means that we are officially frequent sailors on the BC Ferries fleet. As a bi-product of this fantastic bi-coastal work/play lifestyle, we have become unofficial BC Ferry Wifi aficionados

Grab your laptop, power up and check out our 7 Quick Tips ABout BC Ferries Wifi

1. Remember - you are on a boat! :)

2. Remember - boats have steel hulls and bulk heads that block signals and reduce range.

3. Check the list of terminals and vessels with Wi-Fi networks

4. Wifi coverage is available in all customer areas, but greatest signal strength is near the access points

BC Ferries Access Points

5. Do NOT attempt to stream YouTube or NetFlix - streaming video has been restricted.

6. Immersing yourself in nature has proven to reduce stress! Should intermittent service affect your blood pressure, power down, head to the outer deck and savour the view. Remember, tourists are spending big bucks to take in these incredible views of our coastal waters.

7. Should #6 not help consider a quick trip to the soft serve ice cream dispenser - chocolate of course!

Happy Sailing!


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