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In an English Country Garden

Day 1

Calgary to Gatwick

Relief and Gratitude are the two words that sum up the day. Our bikes have become like friends to us. Our trusted steeds so to speak. Going on a cycling vacation without them would seem disloyal, so with special care and attention we travel with them. They are disassembled, wrapped, padded and boxed up for transport.

Picture of Westjet plane on runway at YQQ
Ready to board!

Frankly watching our bikes descend into the bowels of the airport is nothing short of terrifying.  With three flights and a stop over in Calgary, the fear of what might go wrong was almost overwhelming, yet I am thrilled to report that we, bikes and bags have all safely arrived in Gatwick, and Rob successfully reassembled the bicycles while I soaked up the ambience of our English Country Garden.

Image of Rob Weiss assembling bikes in Horley
The real Piccadilly Circus?

Image of bike assembly prior to cycle tour
Perfect fit - ready to ride!

​​Special thanks to the incredible West Jet staff team. From the ticket agents in Comox and Calgary to the onboard crew, the customer service was nothing short of exceptional. 

Of course, an extra special shout out goes to the Ritchie Clan in Calgary for their warm and gracious hospitality. A cherry on top of our travel plans.

Giggle of the day

In a valiant attempt to ward off jet lag, we decided to set off on foot and explore the wonderful village of Horley. Thoroughly enjoying the narrow winding roads and old brick buildings, many older than Canada, we happily strolled along. Those who know us best will not be surprised to learn that we quickly found ourselves inside Ye Olde Six Bells Pub.  Built in the mid 1400's it is the oldest pub in Horley. Thrilled to find this well recommended eating establishment we entered and quickly made fools out of ourselves.  Rob walked directly into a low beam that was clearly labelled, "Low Beam, Duck or Grouse", and while patiently waiting at the table for our brew, I feel sound asleep.  Our apologies to fellow Canadians for our poor showing in the pub - we pledge to do better next time.

Image of Ye Olde Six Bells Pub in Horley, England
Low beam - duck or grouse!

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