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View Your World in a Whole New Way with Google Lens

This user-friendly AI camera app literally allows you to view the world around you in an entirely new way! Imagine checking restaurant reviews as you walk by via your camera viewfinder. Simply point your smartphone at something specific such as a plant or animal and voila a wealth of information instantly becomes available to you.

Google Lens logo with sample of a search on the image of a coffee cup

Packed full of features, Google Lens offers heaps of functionality:

  • Translate - point your phone at a string of text and, with Google Translate plugging in, live translated text will automatically appear.

  • Smart Text Selection - imagine visiting a new coffee shop and logging in to their Wi-Fi for the first time. With Smart Text Selection simply point your phone at the Wi-Fi password and copy and paste your selection into a Wi-Fi login screen.

  • Smart Text Search - search text with Google.

  • Google Homework Questions - scan the question and Google will dish up explanations, videos and results for a wide range of subjects including math, history, chemistry and biology.

  • Search Your Surroundings - Google detects and identifies your surroundings including details on landmarks or details about types of food, including recipes.

Google Lens is free and available on both iOS and Android devices. Download from the AppStore or Google Play and get ready to search what you see!


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